My student loan debt stopped my lunchtime shopping sprees dead in their tracks...

After years of working in the fashion industry, I went to graduate school to pursue my second love...education. I graduated with a degree in Educational Policy  and huge student loan debt. I moved back home to South Florida, where the salary didn't match my level of education and found myself having to give up my weekly shopping trips to Bloomies. What's a girl to do? Shop smarter!

Planning my wardrobe options for an important photo and video shoot with specific instructions to not wear black or white color while working with a tiny budget - Dionne had to create a fashion miracle! We agreed on a dress in an amazing red orange color that fit like a glove. I love Dionne’s fearless approach to color and style and most importantly her “never pay retail” mantra. Thanks Dionne for helping me look and feel fabulous!
— Lydia Varela, Founder-Renew Not Retail
Dionne taught me how to wear color, how to dress my body type and how to have confidence in wearing clothes that enhance my shape. I learned how to put an outfit together with the things I already own - mixing and matching creating outfits I would have never put together on my own. She taught me how to think through what I want to portray with my attire when I walk out the door. Thank you Dionne for giving me the confidence and know how to creating outfits that match my confidence and my brand.
— Nickquolette Barrett, iRock Resumes

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Do you love designer clothing, but not the designer price tags? In my new course, 'Thrifting a FABULOUS wardrobe', I'll teach you how to turn a $20 shopping trip into a $2000 wardrobe overhaul! You'll learn how to distinguish designer shoes from duds, purchase pants that flatter from pants that falter and how to make sure you don't lose your dress lining at Happy Hour! Create a wardrobe to rival any boutique showroom, ALL from the thrift store.

Whether you're a new grad entering the workforce for the first time, career changer, corporate climber or a stay-at home going back into the workforce, let me work with you to create a wardrobe and brand reflective of the new opportunities that lie ahead of you!

What did I buy this week?

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ZARA Thrift Haul 

Yes honey...it says ZARA! Check out my latest thrift haul at Salvation Army Chicago's West Humboldt Park location. Let's see what goodies I picked up!

Picture 463.jpg

Salvation Army Haul

Yep, it's that time of the week again: By-the-Pound Wednesdays. Did I find purses? Shoes? Clothes? Or all of the above. Check it out and see what I scored!

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Thrift Giant

What do you do when you're in Dallas for 30 hours and want to thrift? Go to Thrift Giant, of course! Check out my latest haul from my fave Dallas thrift store!