As an educator with nearly 20 years of experience in the fashion, beauty and cosmetics industry, I understand how essential it is for you to 'look the part'. I assist career- and business focused women in creating a fashion forward and designer-centered wardrobe so that they are able to confidently present themselves in any situation. I create looks that take them from the board room to a happy hour, saving them thousands of dollars in working with my #weNEVERpayretail philosophy. Book your style appointment with me TODAY and I'll help take you from employee to employer, worker to owner, entry-level to the corner office! Let's get you STYLED honey!


I was very nervous when planning my wardrobe options for an important photo and video shoot. Fortunately for me, Dionne was just a phone call away. I took a deep breath and agreed to let her take me out of my comfort zone in style and color while working with a tiny budget - she had to create a fashion miracle! I LOVE Dionne’s fearless approach to color and style and most importantly her “never pay retail” mantra. Thanks Dionne for helping me look and feel fabulous!
— Lydia Varela, Latina Exchange
I had been stuck for so long that I was not even aware I had fallen that far in a slump. With Dionne’s closet cleanse, I not only got rid of my old self but I gained a new level of self-confidence through the process. Dionne taught me how to coordinate my clothes; how to wear color, how to dress my body type and how to have confidence in wearing clothes that enhance my shape. Now, I think through what I wear and take time to put something that speaks ‘iRock. Thank you Dionne for giving me the confidence and know how to creating outfits that match my confidence and my brand.
— Nickquolette Barrett, iRock Resumes
I dreaded the “shopping” experience, but I must say that Dionne made it so easy. As I wandered aimlessly through the store, Dionne worked her magic. Finally I entered the dressing room to find several outfits that I NEVER would have picked for myself, but surprisingly her selections WORKED FOR ME and for the image that I want to project. Suits, dresses, hot little shoes and stylish jackets and accessories, Dionne created collection of wonderful affordable mix and match pieces that fit into average budgets.

I’m glad that I listened to my friend and “trusted” Dionne and decided to “go with it.” Go with Dionne, she makes it easy. Trust her.
— Coretta Turner, 3D Voice: Public Speaking for Children and Teens
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Who do I work with?

  • Women enthusiastic about their future and see a a change in dress as a necessity for their personal and professional growth

  • Women committed to the financial investment necessary to create a professional and impressionable wardrobe

  • Women confident in their abilities to change their immediate circumstances

  • Women who are steadfast in attaining their personal and professional goals

  • Women who are engaged in the process of becoming "better" and more confident in their business and/or career

  • Women socially and emotionally equppied to handle the growth of their business and/or career

  • Women adamant about reaching their personal and professional goals

  • Women connected to their life's work and passionate about changing the lives of others

  • Women eager to see a boost in their confidence

  • Women who aren't afraid of the emotional work of change and growth



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Personal Shopping

I save my personal shopping clients thousands of dollars in purchasing designer and brand name clothing. Building capsule collections are my specialty and I'll make sure it's done on trend and on budget.Complete a style questionnaire and allow me to fill your closet with such brands as Giorgio Armani, Stella McCartney and Fendi...for less. 



Making changes to your style is never easy. I will help you build a wardrobe that exudes confidence and attracts the right clients. From closet cleanses to styling appointments, I'll analyze your wardrobe and make sure that the look you are aiming for is being appropriately reflected. 


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Teaching and Education

I provide groups and organizations the expertise necessary to educate their members, students and employees. With nearly 20 years in the beauty, cosmetics and fashion industry, I've hosted sessions on topics anywhere from 'Black tie and formal' to 'Building your wardrobe from Vogue'. Hire me to teach a professional dress workshop your company today!