My student loan debt stopped my lunchtime shopping sprees dead in their tracks...

After years of working in the fashion industry, I went to graduate school to pursue my second love...education. I graduated with a degree in Educational Policy  and huge student loan debt. I moved back home to South Florida, where the salary didn't match my level of education and found myself having to give up my weekly shopping trips to Bloomies. What's a girl to do? Shop smarter!



It’s really hard to keep that smile on your face during an interview when your feet are being tortured by plastic shoes and you are literally steaming through your polyester blouse (trust me, I’ve been there). But you don’t have to sacrifice your love of breathable fabrics and calfskin pumps because you decided get an education or save up for a home. You can and shall have both and in '#weNEVERpayretail', I teach you how.

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Faux Fur and Mixed Prints

You already know how much I LOVE to mix a print, so when I saw all the print that Tracee Ellis Ross was bringing to the table with her collaboration with JCPenney I...WAS...SHOOK!


Blue Vibes at JCPenney

Can I tell you how much I am LOVING the Tracee Ellis Ross collaboration at JCPenney! I seriously brought an entire rack into this house LOL One of my fave pieces thus far are the pajama-type sets...


Going Off The Shoulder

I purchased this sweater at my local Goodwill for $8 and spent a good $10 of sweat equity lobbing off the top. Paired the finished product with ...

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Do you love designer clothing, but not the designer price tags? In my new course, 'Thrifting a FABULOUS wardrobe', I'll teach you how to turn a $20 shopping trip into a $2000 wardrobe overhaul! You'll learn how to distinguish designer shoes from duds, purchase pants that flatter from pants that falter and how to make sure you don't lose your dress lining at Happy Hour! Create a wardrobe to rival any boutique showroom, ALL from the thrift store.