Ready for a style overhaul?

I created my 'Styled by Dionne Dean' thrift box for amazingly fashionable and creative women who, like myself, are tired of the mundane. We love vintage. We love glamour. We love faux fur. We love to turn heads. My box is not for the tame at heart. They require confidence and a little bit of edge. Are you ready to walk on the wildside of fashion? 

When I got home, my daughter had gotten to the box first. And, she gently displayed the contents of the carefully curated pieces across my bed. I swooned over every piece. For days, I’ve played with the beautiful 70’s dresses – mixing the soft lines with booties and ankle boots. I refreshed my classic pieces with Dionne’s unique jewels and bauble selections, pairing them with sheath dresses and tailored jackets and soft blouses.
— Tonya Seavers-Evans, Stylist & Author
Opening my thrift box felt like Christmas morning. I could not wait to find out what goodies I’d received. And as usual, Dionne did not disappoint! Each piece of jewelry fits seamlessly with my style. The Danish bracelet gets its own sentence. It only needs one. Dionne perfectly captured my everyday style with a statement piece that is anything but everyday!
— Nicole beechum, Educator
Dionne’s styles have breathed life back into my wardrobe!! I incorporate at least one piece every day. Besides the incredible personalized attention I received, my favorite comment to say after I receive a compliment is “Thank you my stylist picked that out for me!!
— mona abdalla

Next steps...

Step 1. Complete style intake form and pay one-time$150 administrative fee

Step 2. Work with Dionne to develop your signature style and budget utilizing a private style board

Step 3. Receive a box of stylish additions to your wardrobe within 7-10 business days