Dionne is an amazing stylist that brings her education and experience from living in London,  Miami, Chicago and Atlanta to working for major apparel retailers as an Assistant Buyer and Visual Merchandiser. If you are looking for a runway avant-garde look, corporate chic, or you just want to revamp your style, Dionne is the one to call. What's so great? She gives you a desired look without compromising your budget! 

Dondra Bassett, Bassett Career Solutions



I was initially very nervous thinking of planning my wardrobe options for an important photo and video shoot with specific instructions to not wear black or white.  Fortunately for  me, Dionne was just a phone call away; I took a deep breath and agreed to let her take me out of my comfort zone in style and color while working with a tiny budget - she had to create a fashion miracle!  Dionne gladly accepted my challenge and I agreed to keep an open mind while she sifted through racks and racks of dresses. I admittedly resisted the small sizes I don't normal buy (or wear) but caved to her expert advise.  After trying dozens of dresses, we agreed on the second dress in an amazing red orange color that fit like a glove - the color, design and style were made for me and the sling back black shoes were perfect.  Dionne also helped with hair and makeup to complete my fabulous look; I LOVE Dionne's fearless approach to color and style and most importantly her "never pay retail" mantra. Thanks Dionne for helping me look and feel fabulous!

Lydia Varela, Latina Exchange





I had been stuck for so long that I was not even aware I had fallen that far in a slump. I knew I needed help as I was beginning a new chapter in my life. With Dionne’s closet cleanse, I not only got rid of my old self but I gained a new level of self-confidence through the process. Dionne taught me how to coordinate my clothes; how to wear color, how to dress my body type and how to have confidence in wearing clothes that enhance my shape. I learned how to put an outfit together with the things I already own - mixing and matching creating outfits I would have never put together on my own. She taught me how to think through what I want to portray with my attire when I walk out the door. Now, I think through what I wear and take time to put something that speaks 'iRock. Thank you Dionne for giving me the confidence and know how to creating outfits that match my confidence and my brand. 


nickquolette barrett, irockresumes


Dionne's styles have breathed life back into my wardrobe!! I incorporate at least one piece every day. Besides the incredible personalized attention I received, my favorite comment to say after I receive a compliment is "Thank you my stylist picked that out for me!!

Mona Abdalla



My experience with 'Styled by Dionne Dean' has been INCREDIBLE. I'm confident that Dionne Dean is the reason I turn heads everywhere I go. If you want to advance and get noticed, contact Dionne Dean today!!!