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ZARA Thrift Haul 1.29.17

Yes says ZARA! Check out my latest thrift haul at Salvation Army Chicago's West Humboldt Park location. Let's see what goodies I picked up!

Goodwill Kid's Haul 1.19.17

Did you think I WASN'T gonna find some fly wears for my dumplin'? Check out my latest thrifted finds for Miss Riley

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Salvation Army By-The-Pound 1.27.17

Yep, it's that time of the week again: Salvation Army by-the-pound Wednesdays. Did I find purses? Shoes? Clothes? Or all of the above. Check it out and see what I scored!

Designer Haul

Thrifting for designer duds is what I do! Check out my latest designer thrift haul to see what goodies I scored from Chicago's BEST thrift stores

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Thrift Giant 1.21.17

What do you do when you're in Dallas for 30 hours and wanna get some thrifting in? Go to Thrift Giant, of course! Check out my latest haul from my fave Dallas thrift store!

So seriously? What's the big deal about Savers?