I had been stuck for so long that I was not even aware I had fallen that far in a slump. With Dionne’s closet cleanse, I not only got rid of my old self but I gained a new level of self-confidence through the process. Dionne taught me how to coordinate my clothes; how to wear color, how to dress my body type and how to have confidence in wearing clothes that enhance my shape. I learned how to put an outfit together with the things I already own. She taught me how to think through what I want to portray with my attire when I walk out the door.
‘Just trust her. Whatever she says, just go with it.” That’s what my friend told me as I prepared for my first session with Dionne Dean.
I warned Dionne before our meeting that I’m not a fan of shopping, but as a public speaker, I knew that I needed to refresh my wardrobe.
I dreaded the “shopping” experience, but I must say that Dionne made it so easy. As I wandered aimlessly through the store, Dionne worked her magic. Finally I entered the dressing room to find several outfits that I NEVER would have picked for myself, but surprisingly her selections WORKED FOR ME and for the image that I want to project. Suits, dresses, hot little shoes and stylish jackets and accessories, Dionne created collection of wonderful affordable mix and match pieces that fit into average budgets.
I’m glad that I listened to my friend and “trusted” Dionne and decided to “go with it.” Go with Dionne, she makes it easy. Trust her.
— Coretta Turner 3D Voice: Public Speaking for Children and Teens



You've read the fashion magazines, perused through a few Pinterest boards and have a subscription to 'O' magazine...You just don't know how to take what you're seeing and make it a reality. Well, together, we'll figure it out. The first step is your body shape analysis, where we'll discuss your shape and what styles, fit and colors suit your frame. We'll then hit the stores for a few hours and create a few looks to get you started on your style journey.

COST: $150 deposit, $100 per hour, 2-hour minimum


My personal shopping service is for the client on the go who has no time for the muss or fuss of the shopping experience. It's not that you don't like fashion, but thought of sifting through clothing racks either bore or overwhelm you. I will complete the entire process for you from start to finish. The personal shopping service includes a one hour consultation, as well as body shape and color analysis and brand overview, as well as a private personal board where we will solidify your personal style and items of interest. One year commitment required. 

COST: $1000 yearly retainer ($250 per quarter) + cost of clothing + shipping



Your head shots are your introduction to the business world. Make sure they are saying the right thing. I work with you to create crisp, professional head shots and lifestyle photos for your website by selecting clothing and accessories appropriate to your industry. Session includes the following:

  • 2-hour styling session
  • 2-hour photo session
  • 3-5 outfit changes
  • 100-150 images
  • Makeup and hair styling included

*Additional video session included for an additional $100 an hour.

COST $1500



As a Certified Home Marketing Specialist with a specialization in closet organization, I'll edit your closet down to create a wardrobe that you love! In just 3 hours, I'll reorganize and recreate a space that'll have you feeling like you're shopping in very own boutique. We'll also take time out to create 10-15 looks with items that you already own and rid your closet of all garments, shoes and accessories that do not align with your brand.

COST: $525, Approx. 3 hr service.