Small Business Incubator

It's extremely easy to lose business focus as the months roll by. Hours turn into days. Days turn into weeks. Weeks turn into months. Pretty soon it's December, you've met none of the goals and initiatives you established for yourself at the beginning of the year. What if you could change that? What is you could dedicate 10-weeks reviewing, reorganizing and streamlining your business so that you could stay true to your vision for your business? No more looking back with regret or disdain that you didn't follow through with the goals you set for yourself....

I've developed a Small Business Incubator as an opportunity to slow down and comb through each and every part of my business and make sure that it's producing the "fruit", so to speak, that I want it to produce. Here are a few of the questions I'm going to tackle during this time of reflection:

Am I attracting the individuals that I want to work with?

Do the clients I attract value my services and/or product offerings?

Have I created the correct product offerings for my audience?

Am I priced accurately for my market?

Where to the people I want to work with "live" in social media?

Does my pricing match my income goals?

How can I make the most impact with the least effort? 


I honestly go through this process every six months or so to make sure that I am on track and this is first time that I'm bringing anyone into my process. However, in this past year, I've met so many AMAZING business owners that feel a bit "stuck" that I've decided to share how I keep my business flowing and growing, despite babies, family illnesses and cross-country moves. I want to make this the summer of getting unstuck and flowing effortlessly into a productive, effective and profitable business for all of us.

Here's what each week of the program looks like:

Week 1: Setting goals and your mission statement

Week 2: Developing your story and communicating your value

Week 3: Understanding your place in the marketplace and advertising

Week 4: Creating social media content and focusing on your target market

Week 5: Visually merchandise your website and all points of entry into your business

Week 6: Creating your opt-in offers and building your email list

BONUS WEEK: Passive income overview: Books, courses, membership sites, loyalty programs


I know this seems like a lot of work, but we are bombarded with so many ideas on how to operate our business throughout the course of the year that it's easy to get overwhelmed and get off track. We need the time to sift through our business to make sure that the business that we have is the one we actually want! This 6 weeks of concentrated effort will get ABSOLUTELY have you feeling more grounded in your "why" and set you on the track to make the money you deserve for the rest of the year. Let's prep for an AMAZING rest of the year!


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