'SHOPPING for a LIVING' Coaching Program

The 'Shopping Business Coaching' program is designed for the individual with a great sense of style and an eye for fashion looking to increase their notoriety as a personal shopper and/or reseller. Created for the fashion-forward and business-savvy, my program provides a thorough education in pricing and sales, as well as sourcing and fashion trends. 

The program focuses on the following

Building a clientele list and conducting style consultations

Sales and pricing structure

Sourcing and fashion trends

Building and maintaining an online/social media presence

Fashion promotion and marketing your fashion business

Fashion forecasting and seasonal pantones



Bi-monthly 30-minute coaching calls

Business analysis and sales performance evaluation

Weekly assignments and homework

Individualized portfolio development and critique

Seasonal trend reports OR state of the marketplace webinars

Investment: $200 a month/12 months


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